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Storage Services and Facilities

  Scanio Movers' clients are able to take advantage of premiere storage facilities, managed and operated by Scanio Moving and Storage, our New Jersey affiliate, whether we coordinated your move or not. It’s particularly useful for those who do use our moving services that we have a storage facility available for exclusive use by Scanio's clients. Particularly in NYC, many clients move into a transitionary space either between homes or during a remodel. In such instances, Scanio’s moving professionals are able to move excess belongings into our storage facilities and then back out of the facilities again when it’s time. This is a huge benefit to having a moving company that also has a storage facility.

Scanio’s approach to storage is innovative in that you are only required to rent the actual volume of space that you will use. Rather than renting a specifically sized space that you may not need all of, you will only pay for the amount of space your belongings actually take up.

Scanio’s storage unit rentals are available on a month-to-month basis. However, after one full month of storage, clients may rent for an additional two weeks rather than four if their needs do not exceed the fifteenth of the month.

Many items require specific climate conditions for safe storage. Fine art, musical instruments, and antiques are among the many items that need to be stored in specific conditions in order for them to remain in pristine condition over time. For these items, which we call “white glove items”, temperature-controlled spaces in our storage unit are available. In addition, these items have special storage areas designed to keep other items away from them so as to prevent any damage.

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