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Moving and Storage Glossary of Terms

  Below are some common terms that one encounters when working with a moving and storage company. These terms are used by moving and storage professionals to discuss the various stages and elements of residential, commercial, long distance and international moves, as well as storage. Familiarity with these terms can help one navigate the moving and storage process and provide the customer with much needed insight and valuable information.  
Accessorial Service
Additional services beyond transport. This may include packing and unpacking or making stops at destinations other than the space being vacated and the destination space.

Advanced Charges
Advanced charges are applied when a third party is invoked in the job. For example, if the moving crew must hire an electrician in order to safely move an appliance, an advanced charge will apply.

An agent is privately owned moving company that is authorized to do business on behalf of a national company.

Appliance Service
The cost associated with prepping large appliances for transportation during a move is often itemized as appliance service.
Bill of Lading
An itemized contract that states the services your mover will provide for you during transport of your belongings.

Binding Estimate
A flat rate estimate given by a mover. This rate applies regardless of how long the job takes. A non-binding estimate is an estimate given based on prior experience and is subject to change.

Booking Agent
A booking agent is a sales agent at a moving company who works with you to determine what your move will entail and how much it will cost. In some cases, the booking agent also acts as the contact person for the move.

Bubble Wrap (Anti-Static Bubble Wrap)
Cushioning made of plastic pockets that are filled with air, “bubbles”, that is used to pack delicate items.

Bulky Items
Items that do not fit neatly into a box are referred to as “bulky items”. This term encompasses many common household items such as televisions, hot tubs, or bicycles. In many cases, bulky items require extra charges.
A moving company that is registered to provide individuals with relocation services is referred to as a carrier.

If any delays occur or items are damaged while in the care of the moving company, the document you would file is referred to as a claim.

COD (Cash on Delivery)
Cash on Delivery is funds to be paid to the moving company upon successful delivery of one’s belongings.

The consignee is the party that is responsible for releasing care of belongings to the moving company at the original space and is also responsible for accepting responsibility for the belongings at the destination space.
Door-to-Door Service
When a moving company provides transportation services between the original space and the destination space, it is referred to as door-to-door service. This does not include additional stops along the way.

DOT is an acronym for the Department of Transportation, a US government agency that oversees transportation.
Estimated Weight
The weight that is estimated visually to represent all of your belongings to be transported.

An estimate is an approximation made by a moving professional about how much your move will cost. Factors include how many belongings are being moved, the weight of the belongings, and the size of the spaces the items will be moving through. Distance is also a factor.
Fuel Surcharge
For long distance moves, it is common for moving companies to charge a fuel surcharge to cover mileage. The dollar amount of the surcharge is based on a national average and is therefore always in flux.

Full Service Mover
Full service moving companies offer services in all aspects of the moving process, including packing, unpacking, transportation, loading, and unloading.
When a moving company uses their own equipment and vehicles to move your belongings, it is considered hauling.

High Value Article
When a belonging is valued at more than $100 per pound, it is considered high value.
Interstate Move
Moving from state to state.

Intrastate Move
Moving within a state.

A detailed list of all of your belongings and their condition prior to the move.
Long Carry
Additional charges may be applied when items must be carried more than seventy-five feet on foot to get them from the street to the house.
Moving Dolly
To ease with box transportation, a hand-operated truck called a dolly is often utilized.
There are certain items and substances that the law prohibits moving companies from transporting. These items may include corrosive items, explosives, chemicals, and flammables.
An abbreviation for “Packed by Owner”. This is noted when the client, not the mover, packs items prior to transport.
Shuttle Service
If a street is too small for a large moving truck to make a move, a smaller truck is used to bring goods to the home in smaller batches.
The client’s declaration of the value of the items being moved. This establishes the moving company’s maximum responsibility for lost items.
Weight Ticket
Once items are loaded, the truck is weighed at a weight station. This ticket is given to you with your bill.

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