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  Though antiques come in a wide range of shapes, sizes, and types, they have many qualities in common. Most antiques, due to their age, are in some way fragile. They have varying space requirements, with many antique pieces being rather large. Antiques are often made out of fine woods and require very specific environmental considerations -- heat or cold can lead to warping or cracking. Needless to say, moving antiques requires a high level of attention and care due to the age and special requirements of the pieces.

Having moved antiques for high-end dealers as well as private collectors for over seven decades, the antique moving experts at Scanio Movers are known for their attention and care to such special pieces. Our white glove antique services include a variety of services that are directly tailored for moving antiques, such as customized packaging that is created to fit the size and specifications of your particular piece, temperature controlled transportation and storage, and expert loaders and unloaders who are specifically trained in antiques handling.

Our white glove antique moving services include:
Specialized and Personalized Packaging
The white glove antique experts at Scanio Movers create custom crates and packing for each antique being moved. Using different materials and padding depending on the nature of the antique, Scanio’s antique movers make sure that each piece is secure before it is ever in transit.
Controlled Climate for Storage and Transport
Scanio’s fleet of climate controlled vehicles are used to keep antiques safe while in transit or while being stored. Our climate controlled trucks and facilities prevent any environmental harm from reaching your antiques.
Specialized Handling
Handling antiques requires special attention to construction, materials, fragility, and shape. Our white glove moving professionals are expertly trained in handling antiques and are prepared to give every antique piece their undivided attention during your move.

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